Nostalgic for Cars


Maybe it’s because Paul Newman died. It certainly isn’t because Cars was one of Pixar’s strongest efforts in my opinion. I much preferred Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc., but I find myself strangely missing the roads and terrain of that imaginary spot off of Route 66. What I really miss is the Xbox game Cars which came out many years ago. Of course, I still have it and its sequel, and can play them anytime. Once in a while, late at night, I still do. But its not the same anymore.

I have three boys now age 11 and 9 (twins) and they all love to play games. I love to play with them. (I also love to play by myself and online but that is for another post.) My oldest and I would take turns playing through the game, each working on our own career. Despite the fact that he is a natural gamer, there were times he would need my help to win a race. My twins would sit and watch us play and everyone was excited to unlock a new part of Radiator Springs and beyond.

Since that time, we have acquired a lot of games. Racing games, puzzle and logic games, role playing games and yes of course, first-person shooters. Each boy has his favorite and they go through phases, spending many hours obsessed with some achievement. We have spent countless hours collecting, racing and customizing cars in the super-detailed world of the Forza series of games. Lately, we have all been playing Minecraft together and much like playing with Lego, it is something that we all enjoy even more as a group when we work together to build some impressive environments.

But it is different now and for all that we have gained in terms of maturity and capability, I can’t help thinking of what was lost in innocence and wonder. And Paul Newman was a hell of a guy.

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