Always a Pleasure Trailer

always a pleasure posterIn my professional career I design and build websites and apps as well as creating corporate and cause-related films.  When I have a chance to pursue a personal project, I tend to gravitate towards music and photography.  I have shot a few short films and music videos the first of which, Always a Pleasure, featured my brother-in-law, Americo Carrasco.  It therefore seems the perfect video to share first.

A little background about the film:

Shot entirely on miniDV and without a budget, always a pleasure follows Americo Carrasco, a part-time musician and full-time character on his quest to spread his message of intergalactic unity and understanding.  Filmed on location in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut between July 2001 and April 2002, the film is a combination of archival footage, interviews, live performances and time-lapse sequences that reveal the many sides of Americo: the history, the music, the hair.

This is a newly uploaded version of the trailer.  The quality of the original trailer was not up to today’s standards.

For full information about the film, please see my website at I will post the full 17-minute version of the film as well as its mini-sequel Requiem For Piano next.

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