Fletcher at the Dog Park

We have a beagle named Fletcher. Despite holding the record for being the laziest dog on Earth – we even have to coax him downstairs in the morning or he will sleep till noon — he can, once in a while be social. We recently took him to a local dog park and thought we needed to see it from his point of view. So we strapped a Go Pro camera to him and let him loose. I wish I could say that this is original, but many have done this with their dogs, including some on the Go Pro site itself. We have a few other ideas in mind, so this may be the first in a series. Enjoy!

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  1. Show me more Fletcher! He’s a rock star — or just a rock.

  2. that is a mighty lot of butt sniffing.

  3. Fletcher is quite a cinematographer!

  4. Yes, if you can get past the motion-sickness it is excellent work.

    • I don’t mean to knock his work but other videos that you can find online that were shot by dogs are much smoother. Maybe it’s his nervous energy.

  5. Maybe he is having pain and that’s why he’s “lazy”. Check out how he reacts to movement in the morning by gently moving his leg. If he pulls away he might have a bit of arthritis. Take him to your vet to be sure.

  6. If you edited out all the butt sniffing, then this would have been the Argo of Gopro dog videos. kudos to you for keeping it real…. dude. Good music choice.

    • Thank you, much appreciated, but if I edited out the butt sniffing there wouldn’t be much left. Wait until you see the next installment of the FletcherCam.

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