nativelands_frontcoverIn 2005, Living Colour drummer Will Calhoun released a new solo album called “Native Lands”. The album features a wide variety of musicians from around the world spanning several music genres including Pharaoh Sanders, Mos Def, Buster Williams, Stanley Jordan, Kevin Eubanks, Marcus Miller as well as Naná Vasconcelos from Brazil and Cheick Tidiane Seck from Mali. The album includes a DVD that I produced with Will featuring over ninety minutes of music videos and documentary materials chronicling the last ten years of Will’s life and travels. It started out a much smaller project, just a simple video edited from photographs that Will took on his travels.

In future posts, I will explain more about the album and include a “making of” video as well as other music videos, but for today I wanted to share the video for “Deep”. Shot at the legendary and now defunct Harmolodic Studios in Harlem, Will plays the instrument that become one of his trademarks, the wave drum. This video set the direction for the look of his new album “Native Lands”. Layered visual effects echo the way in which Will constructs drum loops and uses effect pedals to alter sonic properties. The gives the video Deep the quality of looking like it sounds.
During a lunch break during the recording session, Will improvised for the cameras and the result was the videos “Deep” and “Tagine”. “Deep” features Will Calhoun and was produced and edited by Charles Kliment. The video was named by Will’s then four-year-old son who after viewing it just said “deep”.

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  1. Mary Paige Snell

    fantastic. well written too. perfect length of video. the tip at the end of your then 4 yr olds sons comment is excellent. i agree.

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