Out of Sync


I am feeling a bit out of sync gaming-wise. On Tuesday, while the entire gaming world played Titanfall, I was playing Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare. Also a great game, but not this week’s news. In fact, I was trying to catch up to my sons who are now level 20 or 30 in PvZ GW. Much like Titanfall, Plants vs Zombies is suffering from connection issues. Titanfall’s server problems seem to be from the crush of players trying to get on. The issues with PvZ seem more sporadic.

In any case, as a parent I am happy to see my boys playing Garden Warfare. It is a breath of innocent fun. It makes the transition from 2d to 3d while maintaining the spirit of the original. Although I allow my eldest son to play more mature games including Dead Rising 3, I appreciate that he prefers Garden Warfare. Dead Rising 3 is a sick but fun slaughterfest and there are few substitutes when you are in the mood for that type of game. But some scenes, especially those of the psycho boss battles include material that is truly deviant and I am happy that he did not play those sections.

My copy of Titanfall should arrive tomorrow and I will undoubtedly spend untold hours playing online. It seems as though the entire gaming world is turning on Call of Duty. Years of complaints about lagging, modding, cheating and unrealistic gun capabilities have added up and created a frustrated gaming population. Perhaps the situation is simply that there is an enormous audience of people who want to play the premier first person shooter and despite Battlefield‘s best efforts, COD ruled. Until now. Titanfall certainly has the developer pedigree and the right backstory, but it’s time to see how real the claims and hype truly are. I hope they don’t disappoint.

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  1. You will not be disappointed. Titanfall is one of the few games in the past several years that has lived up to the hype. We gamers all get so excited when a new game is announced and we build it up ourselves much more so then any of their advertising does. And then that day finally comes and we start playing only to be so sadly disappointed that the same issues still remain. The lag. The boosters, and cheaters, the non-stop snipers, quick scoppers, etc. Making some games so frustrating that they are not worth playing.
    I have been playing Titanfall for two days now and have not encountered any problems yet. I was not one of the people affected with the server issue, but I understand that it was resolved very quickly by Microsoft.
    The dedicated servers do help. There does not seem to be the usual lag. So if you have good internet and aim you will be able to kill people.
    The great thing about this game is that it is not solely kill oriented. You do get credit for playing the objective. There is no reason to sit and snipe like previous games because there is no great reward coming your way. Everyone gets a Titan. It is fast paced and exciting. A breath of fresh air. Not since Borderlands have I had this much fun. I hope that COD takes a lesson from this and re-thinks their next installment. But do keep the slide that was fun.

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