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Fletcher and the Laser Pointer

Despite what I said earlier about our beagle, Fletcher being lazy, there are times where he can muster some energy. Case in point, the laser pointer. I have had many cats that thoroughly enjoyed chasing the red dot but did not imagine that our dog would as well. I stand corrected. Here he is in his furrowed brow and big pawed splendor – Fletcher.

Fletcher at the Dog Park

We have a beagle named Fletcher. Despite holding the record for being the laziest dog on Earth – we even have to coax him downstairs in the morning or he will sleep till noon — he can, once in a while be social. We recently took him to a local dog park and thought we needed to see it from his point of view. So we strapped a Go Pro camera to him and let him loose. I wish I could say that this is original, but many have done this with their dogs, including some on the Go Pro site itself. We have a few other ideas in mind, so this may be the first in a series. Enjoy!

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