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“Can We Kick It” Music Video

Can We Kick It - ceiling fan rig still 1000

In late March, a group of friends and I shot a music video with the band 3am Tokyo for a track off of their latest album “One of Those Crazy Nights”. Their Top 40 single, “Can We Kick It?” was inspired by A Tribe Called Quest’s “Can I Kick It?” and is sung by 3am Tokyo’s leader, Picasso Brown and guest singer, Go Go Gadjet’s Jeff Tomrell.

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We shot the video at the Paterson Art Factory in Paterson, New Jersey in a series of warehouse spaces also used for the Paterson Art Walk. The spaces house various artists and businesses and are occasionally used for filming and events. The location has turn of the century industrial ambiance, great open spaces and some amazing details.

Photo Herta Silva

Early on we decided to shoot the video using GoPro Hero cameras. This let us try some alternative shooting techniques and use a number of off the shelf and improvised mounts that we could not have afforded if not for the flexibility of the small cameras. These included various handles, booms and a ceiling fan rig that was used for the focal segment of the video. In this scene (topmost photo), the two singers face each other and the camera rotates around them in the space between them and their respective posses.

Everyone who participated in the production of the video deserves a huge thank you including the band members, and the breakdancers and extras that Picasso invited to come show off their moves and their attitudes. Without them it would not have been possible. Jeff Tomrell, whose professionalism and upbeat attitude made the shoot a breeze, was a pro to work with, and I especially want to thank Picasso, himself, for his on-set and on-camera skills, as well as his behind-the-scenes dedication to making sure that everything went off without a hitch. When that level of talent is combined with a creative production team including Herta Silva, Jeff Sokolowski and Rob Taylor, you get a fun day of shooting and a video that rocks.


Director: Charles Kliment | Producers: Picasso Brown and Charles Kliment | Cameras: Charles Kliment, Herta Silva, Jeff Sokolowski and Rob Taylor | Editing: Charles Kliment, Picasso Brown and Paolo Bowyer | Still Photography: Justyna Piechuta

About 3am Tokyo

3AM Tokyo is the brainchild of Grammy nominated Singer/Songwriter/Producer “Picasso”. A powerful mix of pop, hip-hop, electro dance, dubstep, and rock sets the band apart from their peers. 3AM is well known for their aggressive, high energy shows. From their inception, it’s been clear that they’ve been on a mission to fire up the any stage and impress every crowd they come in contact with.
3AM’s explosive sound has been pushing stages throughout multiple major cities on the East Coast, and they’re quickly becoming a college town favorite.

With the 2013 release of 3AM’s debut album “One of Those Crazy Nights” Picasso collaborated with select musicians from other notable regional acts. Featured were lead singers from Kristen & The Noise, Lost in Paris, Liquid A, Go Go Gadjet, and more. The album is getting lots of well-deserved attention and the band straps in for an amazing ride of endless opportunity in 2014.


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